Mark Bell

Thanks to all who prayed for my sister Lynda. She recently found out that the tumor is not cancerous and she will be able to have it removed. Thanks again for all the prayers.


I would appreciate that you continue to pray for my back pain. It bothers me most of the time. Thanks so much. (8-8).


Mike Donahoe

A friend of mine name Marcel recently found out that his wife Anita has a tumor in the intestinal area. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and a healing from God for her. Pray God's peace and comfort during this disturbing time for all the familly.


I am also asking for prayer for the daughter of a good friend of mine. Her name is Jordan and she will be having some serious brain surgery soon. Pray that everything will go good and the results will be positive and a big help to her health. Thanks (8-8).






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Mike and Kenn


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